Y3 Trip to museum Mayer van den Bergh

The lucky students in Year 3 had the pleasure of a trip to Museum Mayer Van Den Bergh in the company of the Year 12 English B class. To promote the IB attributes of Caring and Communicating and to practise their English B language skills outside of the classroom, the Year 12 students each prepared presentations on two museum pieces from a collection of thousands (though not all on display at the same time) and enthralled the Year 3 children with the stories behind the portraits, paintings and statues on display.

A highlight of the trip was searching for the monkey on Pieter Breugel's world-famous Mad Meg painting and tasting candy that had the flavours of the food from a painting called Peasants by the Hearth (1560) by Pieter Aertsen - let's just say a lot of the 'porridge-tasting candy' went in the bin. As the Mayer Van Den Bergh family were very religious, many of the pieces on display depicted the story of Jesus which was, of course, relayed delicately and diplomatically by the caring older students.

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