Halloween 2018!

On the last day of half term, our Primary children celebrated Halloween! The children and the teachers came to school dressed in a variety of scary costumes, many of which were their own creations! We finished off the day with our traditional Halloween parade and party, during which this year’s Mr & Mrs Halloween winners were announced. Spooky fun was had by all and topped off with a fittingly scary movie night!


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Y3 visit to chocolate museum

For their IPC entry point to the topic "Chocolate" Y3 visited the Chocolate Museum in Brussels.


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Report Cards 2018

Report Cards 2018


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100 Days Smarter!

We are 100 days smarter since starting school way back in September, and we figured that this called for a celebration!


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Carnival Trip to Aalst!

Years 1 & 2 recently visited the 'Carnavalshallen & Museum' in Aalst! This tied in with both the Celebrations and Constructions Units the children worked on in school.


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