Year 4 cultural trip to Mechelen

Our Year 4 students had a great day exploring Mechelen and discovered what this beautiful city has to offer and to learn about its rich history!


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Garage - Field Trip

As part of our topic “The Garage”, Reception visited the Dirk Sledsens Garage next door to school...This gave the children the opportunity to find out more about cars and about the service that a mechanic offers to our communities. They had so much fun!


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Early Years Farm trip

EY had a great time at the Mikerf Children's Farm in Brasschaat.


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Y1 & Y2 trip to MAS

Year 1 and 2 visited the MAS Museum in Antwerp to get a glimpse of worldwide traditions and colourful rituals which celebrate the moments of transition in life.


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Secondary sports day

Our Secondary students enjoyed their annual sports day in March.


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