REACH 2017!

REACH is our annual project, which is overseen by students, teachers & parents, but which ultimately involves the whole school community. The name encapsulates the effort, involvement, compassion, networking and values inherent in activities designed to raise awareness of those in need. Each year, the school selects three charities to support.

This year, we have chosen Children International – an international organisation whose mission is to help children around the world to break free from poverty. The second organisation that has been selected is the Princess Elisabeth Children’s Hospital – a hospital in Ghent, which specialises in treating children’s cancer and whose therapeutic art department needs supplies for its craft activities. Our final charity is OLO STROOM – a residential centre for children, aged 10-18, with behavioural and/or emotional difficulties whose parents are, in some cases, unable to care for them.

Our students, teachers and parents will be guiding the entire DV community to meet its goals. They will design and carry out fundraising activities – which will be supported and augmented by the PTA, and we are hopeful that you will help them to be successful. Thank you so much for reaching out and getting involved, and please remember that your participation in any fundraising initiatives is entirely voluntary.

Good luck, Da Vinci!

reach 2017 01

reach 2017 02

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