PTA hot chocolate and crispy croissants

Sint and the Piets have been working overtime these past few weeks to make all the children happy. That's why the PTA thought that all that hard work deserved a little reward. They treated the Sint and all the Piets to steaming mugs of hot chocolate and crispy croissants. 


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PTA Bake Sale and Pizza Lunch

November's PTA Bake Sale and Pizza Lunch were, yet again, a HUGE success! Many thanks to our wonderful PTA for such delicious treats and delights!


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Tomb it may concern…
During the last week of October we witnessed the Fellowship of the Funny, the great Gathering of the Gruesome and the Marvel of Magic. 


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Professor Sparks

Somebody very special visited our Kindergarten class to help these young Enquirers as they investigate the PYP Transdisciplinary Theme ‘Who we are’. 


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Drama workshops

The English Youth Theatre came into school this week to run workshops for the Grade 1 to Grade 12 students offering a taster of the new classes that will be starting in Antwerp on Saturday mornings. For more information about EYT in Antwerp, click here.


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