Sinterklaas visit 2018

When the scent of speculaas and tangerines lingers in the corridors, there’s a strong chance that Sinterklaas has been to school! And since all our children have been good this year, it’s no surprise that he came to visit Da Vinci. The children went out of their way to welcome him with traditional Sinterklaas songs and a very comfortable throne. Sinterklaas brought along two of his ‘Pieten’ as well as his big red book to see who has been naughty or nice. But as we all know, we only have well-behaved children at Da Vinci!


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STEAM week 2018 - 'Transport'

This year we decided to work around the theme of ‘Transport’.


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Chocolate Fantasy Land

Year 3 recreated their own "Chocolate Fantasy Land" as they celebrated their IPC Exit Point for their "Chocolate" unit.


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PTA Bingo / Grilled cheese

The PTA has had a busy few weeks. In addition to pulling off another great Christmas Market, we also had a lot of fun at BINGO night and two tasty hot lunches!


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Book & Bake Sale

Thank you to everyone who supported our book and bake sale on 14th November, making it both inspirational and definitely very tasty!


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