TOK Exhibition

The theory of knowledge (TOK) course plays a special role in the Diploma Programme by providing an opportunity for students to reflect on knowledge and the process of knowing. TOK helps to unite all the DP subjects as it engages students in reflecting on how knowledge is arrived at in different disciplines and areas of knowledge, on what these areas have in common and the differences between them. In the TOK exhibition, the students carefully chose three objects to explore how TOK manifests in the world around us.


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Secondary trip to Ghent

The trip to the SMAK and STAM Museums in Ghent was a welcome escape from the classroom after the strict regulations of the past two years. Even the train trip was a valuable lesson in communication and created bonds between students that classroom teachers can only dream of achieving.


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PTA Bake sale

Big thank you to our wonderful PTA for delicious bake sale event!


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PTA Coffee Afternoon

It was great to see the PTA back in school again.


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Trip to petting zoo

On the 25th April, Early Years and Year 1 paid a visit to Mikerf Farm. It was a fun, exciting day filled with joy and adventure! The children got the opportunity to see different farm animals. They were able to pet the lambs and kids and while doing so had the unique experience of seeing a newly born kid trying to stand on its feet for the first time!


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