G3 & G4 Sleep over @ The Atomium!

On Monday the 19th October, we went to the brilliant Atomium in Brussels! The Atomium was built in 1958 by Andrei Waterkeyn for the World Exhibition.

It took them two years to make the plan of the building. We found out that its name is made from two words 'atom' and 'aluminium' joined together. In the 1940s, the Atomium was very famous but in 1980 it had become ugly and they thought of renovating it. One of the escalators in the Atomium is the longest in Europe!

When we arrived, we first put our suitcases in the Atomium and visited the Planetarium where we watched an interesting video on the ceiling about the universe and planets! After that, we went to the Atomium gift shop to buy some souvenirs. Next, we had dinner and we played some board games. This was my favourite part! When the day was over,we slept in an awesome bubble with three friends, in one of the metal atoms.

When we woke up the next day, we went to the metal atom at the top and had breakfast 95 metres in the air! The guide collected us from breakfast and took us on a tour. Finally, we went to Mini-Europe to see lots of small model buildings of places in Europe. We had a tour and the guide told us lots of things we didn't know. Finally, we had lunch there and ice-cream and then went back to school. It was a tremendous trip. I would definitely recommend it!

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