Exam results

Congratulations to all our A-level students on the publication of this year’s A-level results. All students have earned places at their first choice of university. We wish all our leavers the best of luck as they pursue their further studies in The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland and we look forward to hearing of their continued success!

DVIS Antwerp exam results

Also, many congratulations to all our students who sat their GCSE exams. With a 100% pass rate, everyone had something to celebrate! Results were particularly strong in Maths, Science and Languages, with 78% of students achieving grade 5 or above for Maths, 81% achieving these grades in Science and 78% of students achieving grades A or A* in Languages.

Overall, 88% of all grades fell within the range A* to C and the proportion of A* and A grades accounted for an amazing 54%. Great job!

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