MS & US Sports Day!

This year students made the trip to the Lilse Bergen for their annual Sports Day.


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Lower School Sports Day!

Our Lower School Sports Day is the best opportunity to try out some amazing sports that you don't easily get to try.


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KG Sports Day!

Athletes all over the world better beware, as after a Sports Day like this, we are convinced the next generation of olympic athletes are currently attending our kindergarten classes.


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DV@Photography Museum

Some of our G7, G8 and G10 students visited the exhibition “My Flat Land” at the Museum of Photography in Antwerp, which focuses on landscape photography.


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G7 & G8 start a new project!

Grades 7 and 8 started their IMYC topic recently with being challenged to complete several tasks and to experience how facing barriers can increase possibilities in their own lives!


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