Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

At a time when students more than ever need a toolbox of transferable skills that will help them cope with a world on the verge of a 4th industrial revolution, we want to be a springboard propelling our students into the world as tolerant, open-minded, empathetic, skilled and functional members of society - no matter who they are or what their capabilities are. Our vision is very short, yet we feel it will inspire and motivate all members of our school community in some way:

Opening hearts, minds, and doors to the future.

Looking ahead to the future, we have created a roadmap that will help guide us towards our vision in a genuine, realistic mission statement and which places the child and the learning process above all else:

We believe that learning is at the heart of everything we do. In a welcoming and caring environment, all students are encouraged to reach their full potential, developing into engaged, lifelong learners. Parents and staff work together promoting international mindedness with the goal of helping future generations become true citizens of the world.

Although we’re proud of our vision and mission, we also wanted to unpack them into something tangible and actionable for our whole school community. That’s why we developed a set of accessible core values which will help guide us achieve our vision:

We challenge each other to outdo ourselves every day.

We think and act as global citizens, promoting tolerance, awareness and cooperation at all times.

We are at our best when we work, share and grow together.

Initiative and opportunities lead us to reach our full potential.

We respect ourselves, others and our environment in everything we say or do.

We have fun; we socialise; we play, building a strong and happy community.


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