The Da Vinci International School Antwerp Advisory Board consists of members from public services, private industry and the school administration. We aim to adapt and improve our school to meet the ever-changing needs of our international community. Similarly, we hope to positively contribute to our local community through events, partnerships and the sharing of knowledge and experience.

The DVIS Antwerp Advisory Board also provides the Senior Leadership Team with advice and guidance on key strategic activities and initiatives.

The general responsibilities of the advisory board are:

  • to maintain a clear statement of the school’s Vision, Mission and Values and to work with the SLT to fulfill these principles
  •  to review and maintain procedures and establish policies and procedures that are consistent with the school’s mission


Gunter De Bock

Gunter has been our school accountant since the school was founded in 1997. As our financial auditor, Gunter has always played an integral role in advising the school about financial matters. He has kindly accepted the role of Treasurer of our advisory board.

Ilse De Souter

Ilse founded the school in 1997 and stands for strong academic and family values. After 26 years in education and 21 leading our school, Ilse has decided that this is the right moment to establish an advisory board in order to look ahead to the next two decades and ensure continued innovation, expansion and development.

Patrick Rombouts

Patrick has been working hard behind the scenes working closely with our Senior Leadership Team. With his professional background in international organisations, the school has benefited greatly from his advice and coaching.

Ian Stanley

As the school’s headmaster, Ian is an ex officio member of the advisory board and has been at Da Vinci since 2007. Ian has a wealth of experience having worked in UK schools and International schools in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Glenn Vaughan

Glenn is chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and is no stranger to the school or to the British curriculum. Both his sons successfully completed their education at Da Vinci before going on to Universities in the UK. Glenn’s wife, Lynne, has also played an integral role in the enrichment programmes at Da Vinci through her Drama activities. Glenn has accepted the role of Chairman of our advisory board.

Mohamed Zaidan

Mohammed is one of the school's seven original students. Twenty-six years later, Mohamed's children are now students at our school. Having first-hand experience as a student and now a parent at our school, Mohammed is a staunch advocate of our school's family ethos.

Nir Zeltzer

Nir has been our school lawyer for over 10 years now. Having studied and lived in England, he is also familiar with the UK educational system and as a lawyer, is familiar with the structure, philosophy and organisation of our school.

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