Arts & Crafts

A balanced curriculum is essential to the development of a child. We believe that Art and Crafts should not only have their rightful place set aside in the timetable, but that they should also be integrated within a broader framework, forming important bridges between distinct disciplines.

Whilst Art and Crafts are undoubtedly channels through which children are able to express their creativity, it is also possible to integrate elements of Arts and Crafts in all curriculum subjects to enable children to reach deeper levels of understanding.

DVISAntwerp Art 20 21

Whether building a pyramid out of self-made plaster bricks in History, constructing papier mâché volcanoes in Geography, exploring different musical genres, being involved in drama productions, developing smartphone apps in ICT to studying Creative Media in Upper School, we believe that being able to offer children a balanced curriculum and opportunities to express themselves in a variety of ways both in and outside the classroom helps children develop as well-rounded individuals.

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