Art Week

Following the success of our inaugural Art Week in 2012, this highly innovative approach to the study and application of art now forms part of our annual calendar.

During Art Week, students use art to learn to approach issues and present ideas and points of view in new ways and to challenge perceptions, without inhibition.

"Participation in arts activities helps students develop their ability to listen and observe.” Carol Cahill, a member of the Parent Teachers Association and the driving force behind the school’s Art Week, is convinced the study of art “encourages the students to take risks, to solve problems and achieve results in creative ways and to draw on their resourcefulness to build on new ideas."

An inspirational video was commissioned to launch the project, presenting ‘Art’ in all its varied facets and interpretations, ranging from abstract drawing through to stage-building, music, model-making, street and performance art, and even commercial applications such as product design, branding and packaging.

Da Vinci’s Art Week is an integral part of the school’s commitment to equip our students for success in a changing world, a commitment that goes beyond formal academic achievement alone.

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