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Early Years

The journey begins

Children are welcomed into Kindergarten at the age of 2½ where they follow an exciting play-based curriculum.

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Primary Years Programme

Right foot forward

Our Primary Years Programme students continue to develop their core skills of reading, writing and mathematics, complemented by a structured wider curriculum.

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Middle Years Programme

Safe stepping stones

Our Middle Years Programme students have the advantage of being taught by specialist subject teachers in their home classroom or in our specialist facilities.

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Diploma Programme

Ready for take-off

Our Diploma Programme curriculum offers a challenging and balanced academic education, equipping students for the opportunities and demands that they will meet in the future. 

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Expansion of language provision

Dutch and French are being taught from Grade 1 upwards throughout the school, with beginner, intermediate and advanced foreign language groups where appropriate for both Dutch and French. In doing so, we aim to target the needs of beginners, intermediate learners and advanced speakers alike.

Our language provision reflects our vision of opening hearts, minds and doors to the future. We believe that learning languages:

  • opens up a world of opportunities
  • gives a real brain boost and brings about many cognitive benefits for learning
  • helps promote deeper cultural understanding and engagement
  • encourages tolerance and respect through cross-cultural friendships
  • opens doors to art, music, sports, cuisine, film, philosophy, science…


da vinci interantional school languages


Quick Facts

da vinci graduation

97% A-level
pass rate

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43 student

da vinci current students

6:1 student/
teacher ratio

da vinci years of education

25+ years
of education

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